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Study in Ireland | Ireland Student Visa Consultant


Everything you need to know about Ireland:

  • Ireland is European hub to over 1000 leading multinational companies and it is fastest growing economy in the world

  • It is recognized as an international location for high quality scientific research and welcomes around 200000 lakh international student from all over the world

  • It has ranked 10th Globally for High Quality Scientific Research

  • Ireland is ranked 13th in the world for most peaceful Country to live.

Major Reasons to Study in Ireland:

World Recognized Degrees

Innovative Learning


Lower Tuition Fees

Excellent Lifestyle and a lot of travel opportunities 

Friendly and Safe

Discover Europe on your Student Visa via Long Stay Visa

Benefits to Study in Ireland:  

  • 2 years of Post Study Work Visa

  • Supportive Learning Environment accredited with National Frame Qualification Authority

  • Multitude Work Scope & Multicultural Environment

  • Its among the top 20 educational system in the world

Estimated Expense for Ireland Higher Education:

Average Annual Tuition Fees

Living & Accommodation

Visa Fess

Airfare and Packing


15000 EUR

10000 EUR

195 EUR

700 EUR

Around 2000 EUR

Before you Leave

When you are going to pack your luggage for Ireland studies, there are so many things which you need to remember. It will make the things easier where the place you will be staying.

Make sure that :

  • you have accepted their offer of a place.

  • Passport with valid visa stamped

  • Financial documents.

  • Prescriptions for necessary medicines by doctor.

  • Medical And insurance Letter.

  • Find out your Baggage regulations before you start packing

  • Check all required Documents.

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