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Study in Australia | Australia Student Visa Consultant


Everything you need to know about Australia:

  • Australia is the only country in the world that covers an entire continent and is also known as the largest Island in the world.

  • Having 8 of the top 100 Universities in the world, Australia has highly modern education system with innovative teaching methods.

  • It is one of the wealthiest Asia-Pacific nations having 12th largest economy in the world.

  • Australian education is specifically designed by Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). If the degrees are AQF Qualified, you must be studying in a Government authorized and nationally accredited.

Major Reasons to Study in Australia:

World Recognized

Updated Technology and Quality Assured Education 

Ample Number of courses

Excellent Lifestyle and Work Opportunity

Friendly and Safe



Benefits to Study in Australia:

  • Up to 6 years of post-study work visa depending upon the location

  • More than half a million international students

  • Immigration Opportunities Available

  • Innovative Learning Methods

Estimated Expense for Australia Higher Education:

Average Annual Tuition Fees

Living & Accommodation

Visa Fess

Airfare and Packing


25000 to 30000 AUD

21041 AUD

650 AUD

2000 AUD

48691 to 53691 AUD

Before you Leave

When you are going to pack your luggage for Australia studies, there are so many things which you need to remember. It will make the things easier where the place you will be staying.

Make sure that :

  • you have accepted their offer of a place.

  • Passport with valid visa stamped

  • Financial documents.

  • Prescriptions for necessary medicines by doctor.

  • Medical And insurance Letter.

  • Find out your Baggage regulations before you start packing

  • Check all required Documents.

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