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Duolingo Exam Preparation & Training Centre - Best Duolingo Coaching Classes in Rajkot

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About Duolingo

Duolingo English Test is another language test that is been used to measure the language proficiency for people who wants to study in English Speaking Country.

Unlike other language tests, Duolingo assess the language proficiency based on 4 different modules like Literacy, Production, Comprehension, and Conversation.

Literacy assess the ability to read & write, Production assess the ability to write & speak, Comprehension assess the ability to read & listen, and Conversation assess the ability to listen & speak.

Exam Structure


5 minutes are given to setup your system and check the identifications

Adaptive Test

45 minutes covers all the 4 language skills

Video & Writing Samples

10 minutes for this ungraded section that covers open ended questions

Total Time Duration

1 hour


We make the journey to your score easier

2 months

of descriptive coaching

Access to High-Quality Study Material

Unlimited Practice & Doubt Solving Sessions

In house resource to offer Real Time Duolingo Experience

Trained and 

Certified Faculty

Tips & Tricks and  Weekly Mock Tests for Better Result

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