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Updated: Apr 10

In IELTS Speaking, you should always remember that here it is not your knowledge that is been assessed but how well you can converse in English, so trying to put more and more ideas may confuse you and you may end up fumbling.

Some Points to Remember:

  • The duration for the speaking module is 11-14mins

  • The speaking exam is recorded.

  • Be well groomed and dress up in formals, this will create an impression even though its not a marking criteria.

  • Be half an hour before your given time.

  • Carry your passport with you.

  • Do not be nervous as this is just a formal conversation between the examiner and you.

Three Parts in IELTS Speaking:

Part 1 (4-5minutes): In this part the examiner will ask you questions that revolves around you, this part is also considered as an ICE BREAKING session as these questions will all be everyday activities related.

For Example:

  1. May I know your name as per your passport?

  2. Where do you come from?

  3. Do you work or study?

  4. What are your hobbies?

  5. Do you have many friends?

  6. Tell me something about your hometown?

  7. Which is your favorite color? Why?

  8. What type of dresses do you like to wear?

  9. Where do you hang out with your friends?

  10. Do you like to travel?

Part 2 (3-4minutes): In this part you will be given a topic known as a QUE CARD or TEST CARD and you have to speak for 2 minutes at length. Don't worry you will get 1minute to prepare on the topic before you start speaking, also you will get 3 to 4 sub-questions which will help you brain storm and prepare of What, Why, When, Where and How to speak about the topic.

For Example:

Describe an advertisement that you remember?

You Should Say,

  • What was the advertisement about?

  • When did you see it?

  • Where did you see it?

  • Explain Why do you still remember it?

You should apply a structure to speak about the topic at length

  • Introduction ( What is the main Content)

  • Plot ( When & Where )

  • Heart ( Why)

  • Conclusion (Paraphrasing the question)

Part 3 (4-5minutes): In this part the examiner will ask you discursive type of questions related to the topic asked in Part 2. These are basically abstract questions where you will need to understand the questions before you answer. Basically, to score well you should differentiate that whether it is a General or Opinion based question. You have to speak for at least 5 sentences.

For Example:

  • Does advertisement influence people in your country?

  • Does people in your country like to watch advertisement?

  • What are the common types of advertisement in your country?

  • Which type of advertisements does influence people the most?

  • Are you someone who buys things after watching advertisements?

  • Do you think, advertisements are entirely true?


Fluency & Coherence:

  • Speak in a flow

  • Speak at length

  • Control your rate of speech ( Neither too fast nor too slow)

  • Do not repeat your sentences

  • Relate to the question

  • Be clear & Understandable

  • Hesitation should be for finding words or because of grammar

  • Sentences used while speaking should be coherent and co-related

Lexical Resource:

  • Use topic related words (Choice of words)

  • Use idiomatic phrases

  • Use adjectives

  • Paraphrase appropriately

Grammatical Range & Accuracy:

  • Well organized sentence structure

  • Use complex and compound sentences

  • Understanding tenses and answering according to it

  • Use correct Prepositions & Articles

  • Sentences should be error free


  • Using the right pronunciation by using phonological features

  • Using intonation & Word stress

  • Accent should not have any effect on intelligibility

  • Convey precise and subtle meaning

  • Should be easily understood throughout

  • Use proverbs if needed

If you notice, no where in the Band Descriptors the word " IDEA" is mentioned

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