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Updated: Jun 20

In today's competitive world, it is very important that we should have a strong personality to strive and excel in our career. Below are some important things you need to develop to have an appealing personality.

Build your Self Confidence:

To develop self confidence, one must first identify their strength and weakness. We should work on our strength and should never forget what we are good at. We should nurture our talent rather than focusing on what we lack. Set up a goal and focus on hobbies that can enrich your skills.

Enhance your Communication Skills:

Communication skills does not just refer to your speaking ability, it is how you share your ideas in an appropriate manner. These are some things that we can include to develop our communication skills.

  1. Know to whom are you talking to.

  2. Learn their body language.

  3. Keep eye contact

  4. Use hand gestures

  5. Speak less, but make yourself clear.

  6. Use good formal words

  7. Always remember people always talk to you get their things done.

  8. Use good tone while talking.

Bring a Positive Attitude:

Always keep yourself happy, do not think about the problems rather think about the solution. Be optimistic, and look for positive action as our actions will determine the result of our interaction with others. Just check with yourself , whether you have positive and beneficial relationships. Be polite with others, however try and be assertive and affirmative.

Learn to speak in Public:

First and foremost we should know the audience. You have to practice thoroughly about what are going to talk about. Always ask questions to the audience to ensure that they are actively listening. Keep eye contact with everyone. Give examples from your own experience as this will help to build a rapport with the audience. Do not be nervous and take the stage for your benefit.

Time Management:

  1. Always have a plan for the day

  2. Rather than to do list, create a list of things that are important.

  3. Wake up early, as all successful people start their day early.

  4. Practice decision making

  5. Cut short that tasks you have to small chunks.

  6. Always remember that everyone in this world has just 24Hrs

  7. So never crib about time shortage.

  8. Never skip any tasks from the list that has been prioritized.

How to crack an Interview at ease:

  1. Be confident

  2. Always remember that the interviewer does not know you personally.

  3. Always prepare a resume with information regarding what have you achieved from your previous employer.

  4. Mention what changes were you able to bring to your previous organization.

  5. Avoid Yes or No answers, give detailed response.

  6. Research about the company before you go for the interview.

  7. Be prepared and always carry proofs with you.

  8. Maintain Eye contact

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