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Updated: Apr 10

Pearson Test for English popularly known as PTE is a fully computer based English Proficiency Test for candidates who plan to study, work and migrate to English speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, The UK, and The USA.

Different Types of PTE Test:

PTE Academic: Introduced in 2009, it is mainly written by candidates who wish to pursue their studies in English Speaking countries. It is widely accepted by over 3500+ universities globally. Also accepted by Australia and New Zealand for work, migration and for professional registrations.

PTE UKVI: It is an approved four-skill Secured English Language Test (SELT), which is accepted throughout the UK. It is same like PTE Academic, but includes a Unique Reference Number (URN) for your UK visa application.

PTE Home: There are three types of PTE Home Tests,

PTE Home A1: It is a beginner level English Test for Spouse, Parent of a Dependent, Representative of an Overseas Business and Sportsperson Visas for the UK.

PTE Home A2 : This test is approved by the UK Home Office and can be taken by anyone who wants to extend a spouse visa or to extend a parent or dependent visa. This test will allow you to certify that you can communicate at CEFR level A2.

PTE Home B1 : This SELT test is also approved by the UK Home Office and can be taken by candidates you wants to settle in the UK or to apply for the UK citizenship.

PTE Core : PTE Core is taken by candidates who want to apply for permanent residency in Canada or for applying for Canadian Citizenship. It is accepted by the IRCC of Immigration and Citizenship.

What Can you Expect in PTE:

Duration : For all types of PTE exam you will be assessed on Speaking & Writing (Combined), Reading then Listening in 2hrs.

Result: The result will be published with 48hrs of you taking the exam.

Scoring : As PTE is a fully computer based test it is scored by Artificial Intelligence.

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