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Study in Australia

More About Australia

About Australia

Australia is truly unique — it is the only country in the world that covers an entire continent and it is also the largest island in the world. You will wonder to know, it has eight of the top 100 universities in the world; it has a highly modern quality education system which produced so many scientists’ designers, Entrepreneurs & artists who have change the world. You will proud to be a part of it as there are so many awards winning personality from Oscars to Nobel prizes. Many international students are choosing to study in Australia because of its Calm & friendly, excellent education system, and high standard of living.

Why study In Australia

  • World Recognized: Universities in Australia have a strong reputation worldwide, having a degree from Australian University gives you a big platform to work & develop your skills anywhere, all over the world.

  • Upgraded Technology: Student who will be studying in Australia, take benefits of its advance technology & research resources because they have so many quality scientific research programs for international students.

  • Quality Assurance: The TEQSA and AQF are Australian government bodies, who maintain higher education standard of Australia.

  • Innumerable courses: Australia is most significant global education powerhouses that offer numerous courses and degrees in all universities and colleges, so anybody can choose right course and stream for the future.

  • Cost of Living: The lifestyle and living standard of Australia is quite high in the world. It is the third most popular destination for international students because it’s living cost and educational fee is considerably lower than UK & USA.

  • Work Opportunities: International students in Australia can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the stay, allowing them to earn money, gain useful work experience in their field of interest and opportunity to meet with variety of people.

  • Friendly & Safe: Australia has a very friendly and safe environment, which helps you to focus on study and be more innovative with your ideas.

  • Multicultural Society & Diversity: People live in Australia for job and study purpose; people are here from almost every aspect of world. Multicultural environment and cultural activities are very important in our life, Studying & Traveling in Australia will be a wonderful experience and diversity of education religion and place will be enhance your skills.

Education System

Every student want to do their study in a good English speaking country, and Australia is the third most popular destination behind the United States and the UK. Eight out of hundred top universities in the world are Australian. Institutions in Australia offer so many courses and degrees, so that students can easily find their choice of course in universities, vocational education, and English language training.


The Australian education system is most exclusive from many other countries by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). If you are studying an AQF qualification, you can be sure that your institution is Government-authorized and nationally accredited, and that your degree or other AQF qualification will be genuine.

Study Option In Australia 

Australian universities feature in the top 50 ranked universities in the world in arts & Humanities, Clinical or Pre-clinical & Health, Engineering & Technology, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences.

Degree, Certificate, Diploma – in Australia subject stream known as “field of study”. It is a classification system used by Australian institutions to describe courses, specializations and units of study. Student can opt any choice of course in follows

Higher Education

  • Associate degree (2 Years)

  • Bachelor Degree (3 Years)

  • Bachelor Degree (Honors) (4 Years)

  • Graduate Certificate (6 Months)

  • Graduate Diploma (1 Year)

  • Master Degree (1-2 Years)

  • Doctoral Degree (Typically 3 years)


English Language Study

   Types of English training

  • General English

  • English for Academic Purposes

  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

  • Examination Preparation

  • English for Teaching

  • Study Tours


Vocational Study

  • Colleges of Further Education

Australia Scholarship 

Australian Universities provide wide range of scholarships to International meritorious students which help them to fund their studies. Scholarships are totally on the basis of the student’s academics. Scholarship covers tuition fees and may also cover the living expenses and travel.

Scholarships for coursework program mostly covers part of the tuition fees however, research programs provides funding up to 100% for tuition fee and good amount of money to cover living expenses.

Apart from the university and college scholarships, Government scholarships are also available for international student. The criteria of the Government scholarship is quite competitive as compare to the university scholarships. As the numbers of applications received are very high, it is advisable to apply quite in advance to get timely response.


General criteria of university scholarships: Scholarships are being offered on the basis of the academics

  • High Academics

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Social work

  • Engineering programs

  • Req-60%-70% in year 12th /graduation

  • Amount-AUD 2000-AUD 7,000

  • Information Technology programs

  • Requirement- 60%-70% in year 12th /or graduation

  • Amount- AUD 2000 to AUD 10,000

  • Business programs

  • Requirement- 60%-70% in year 12th / graduation

  • Amount- AUD 2000 up to 50%

Universities may consider you automatically for scholarship however few universities require successful admission and few more documents before they consider you for scholarship.

Here is a list of Indian and international scholarships with relevant description. Most of them are available currently while some have tentative deadlines. The eligibility to apply for any scholarship may vary in terms of various factors like age, gender, institution, courses, location and academic excellence.

  • Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) is for international students who wish to study in Australian Universities and return to their home country to contribute to the national and regional development of their country. ADS are available for undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, PhD degrees and vocational education and training courses.

  • The Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) acts as a supplement to ADS. The recipients undertake a Leadership Development Program which provides chances to augment their leadership capacity and extend their association while in Australia. The application intakes are generally around March-June.

  • The International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) allows foreign students to take on a postgraduate research qualification in Australia and gain experience working with leading Australian researchers. Funds are available for a period of 2 years for Master’s by research or 3 years for Doctorate by research. The application intakes are generally around July-October.

  • The Endeavour Postgraduate Award provides complete financial support for international students for 2 to 3.5 years to pursue masters or PhD either by coursework or research in Australia in any field of study. The application intakes are generally around April and closes by June.

  • The Endeavour Executive Award offers professional growth prospects of 1-4 months in Australia for achievers in business, industry, education or government from developing countries. The Awards centres on constructing skills and knowledge through a host work environment rather than enrolling recipients in a formal study program at a host organisation and are not intended to fund direct academic research. The application intakes are generally around April.

  • The Australia Leadership Awards Fellowships are research, short-term study and professional attachment programs offered by Australian organizations. The ALA Fellowships are a part of a regional program that aspires to develop leadership and build partnerships and linkages with developing countries. The program is meant for those who are already leaders or have the potential to take up leadership roles that can influence socio-economic policy reform and development outcomes.

  • The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Postgraduate scholarship program provides opportunities in science and engineering for exceptional students who enrol at any Australian tertiary institutions as a full-time postgraduate student for research leading to PhD.

  • The Academic-Year Ambassadorial Scholarships from Rotary Foundation of Rotary International provide funds for an academic year of study in Australia. This fund is meant to help pay costs related to round-trip transportation, course fee and living costs and at a flat grant amount of AU$27,000 for bachelors or masters or PhD in research or coursework.
    Mostly, Indian scholarships and grants provided by the Indian government and non-governmental organizations are in the form of no-interest or interest free loans to assist Indian students to study abroad.

  • The Indian National Science Academy accepts applications from outstanding Indian Researchers and Senior Professional Scientists who have regular positions in Indian recognized S&T Institutions/Universities and actively engaged in research in frontline areas in all fields of Science & Technology including Agriculture and Medicine.

  • The Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) allows Australian researchers from public and private sectors to contribute in leading-edge scientific research projects and workshops with Indian scientists and support the progress of strategic alliances between Australian and Indian researchers.

  • The Postgraduate Merit Scholarship is awarded by University Grants Commission to students pursuing PG first year regular non-professional degree course in any renowned university or a post-graduate college. The application intake deadline is on October.

  • Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt of India offers the “Kishore Vaigyanik ProtsahanYojana” (KVPY) program, which was started in 1999 encouraging students of Basic Sciences to take up research careers in Science.

Living In Australia 

There is wide variety of safe and modern accommodations offered to students in Australia, you can choose accommodation that suits your needs and budget.

  • On Campus – living in university campus will be a great option. It will minimize your Travel & expenses. Living in campus give you option to live with classmates and friends.

  • Off Campus – Many Students choose off campus option (Private, ranted accommodation) as they want to explore their life beyond the campus. If you are renting a property, you need to pay a security deposit or 'bond' as well as rent in advance.

  • Home stay – Australian Families offering home-stay accommodation to international students are ensure they can provide a suitable living environment for students. It is a good option for younger student.

Estimated living costs

The cost of living can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle, budget and spending habits. You can consider a part-time job while studying in the Australia to help pay off any Expenses or to cover your basic needs.

Accommodation (You will choose one of them)

  • Off Campus (Rental)                                           -$85 to $440 per week

  • On campus                                                         -$90 to $280 per week

  • Home-stay                                                          -$235 to $325 per week

Other living expenses

  • Groceries and eating out                                  - $80 to $280 per week

  • Gas, electricity                                                    - $35 to $140 per week

  • Phone and Internet                                            - $20 to $55 per week

  • Public transport                                                  - $15 to $55 per week

  • Entertainment                                                    - $80 to $150 per week

Estimated Annual Cost Of living - $18,500 to $ 20,000

Visa In Australia

There is a range of entry requirements that you need to meet both for your visa application. That is academic requirements, English language requirements, evidence of funds to support your study and overseas student health cover. Australia have generally two intakes, first is in February & early march or second is in July. Few universities offering some of courses in multiple intake i.e. September & November. Make sure you will start making applications around 7-8 months prior to the intake. University generally takes around 4-6 weeks to process the applications. For more visits: study in Australia

Before you Leave

Things you need to be remember when you are packing your bag.


Make sure that:

  • Important documents (originals in your carry-on luggage and photocopies in your check-in luggage)

  • your valid passport with a valid Australian student visa

  • your letter of offer from the Australian institution, your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), and your accommodation details

  • Receipts of any related payments you have made including tuition fees, health cover etc.

  • Attested mark sheets and certificates and work experience letters

  • Your birth certificate, credit card, ten passport size photographs, an international driver’s license

  • Important telephone numbers and addresses in India and Australia

  • Prescriptions to support your use of any required medications.

  • Health insurance details

  • Check baggage allowance with your airline.

  • Your luggage should be clearly labeled with your name, contact address and the address of your institution.

Climate will be different from your home country. So pack you baggage according to that.

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